How Do We Make Our Videos

You’re probably wondering what this video is all about with such a strange title: “where the hell is Matt?”

Matt Harding (“Dancing Matt born in September 27, 1976”) is the rocking man whom I want to meet in my life, as usual whenever you ask a youngster “whom do you want to meet in your life dead or alive”, most of them would name some Celebs, like the Hollywood actors or music legends without taking a pause. Let us see how I replied to the same question in my interview held on He has also opened up many small companies including one in Toledo. He does not market it much.

You would ask “who the hell is Matt?”. The better is to ask to Google or Youtube” where the hell is Matt?” Are you getting it? If yes, then you can see the happy man dancing in the crowd of the people.

Couple quick Tips


As we know everyone says that “content is king”. In every bloggers life two steps are essential, first one is writing a unique content and another one is search engine optimization. Writing unique post is not an easy task because on every topic there is more and more websites actively working. It’s important to provide information to your visitors that can’t find anywhere else. If you are the only one in the blog-o- sphere who providing secrete about that topic, then people will dance with your articles. This is the better way to keep your readers traffic to visit you regularly.


Everyone knows when we search for any software or tool in a a search engine, we accidentally include the word “free” into search queries.

Overview of Adsense

Adsense wordpress plugin:

This is an excellent plug-in design for Adsense ad injection by Without modifying any SEO template you can put Adsense ad into your post using this wordpress plug-in. You can also set up different Adsense ad format for the older post. You can set up Adsense ad for fresh post at bottom, And for older post into middle of the post.


For example, you can set a 468×60 ad at the bottom of a fresh article, and once that article turns older it will have a most famous 336×280 ad block injected into your post from the starting of the post. If you are targeting a local location like toledo you can perfectly sculpt these ads to be relevant to that area!

This will give you more flexibility over your ad format, for regular reader Adsense ad is inserted just below post, and for your search engine traffic and other targeted visitor ad

Yes, The Real Thing